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Cooperative Kids

Bill Corbett is the author of the award-winning book, “Love, Limits & Lessons: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Cooperative Kids.” He is also the founder and president of Cooperative Kids, LLC, an international educational organization designed to help parents and professionals raise confident and cooperative kids who will one day find their purpose in life and on schedule.

“I believe that children act out and misbehave, not because they or their parents are bad, but because they are either attempting to communicate a need or are demonstrating a learned behavior taught to them by the world that surrounds and guides them. My training for parents and professionals helps them read and translate a child’s behavior to first enable them to understand why the acting out is happening. I then fill their “discipline toolbox” with awesome alternative techniques that give them so many more options needed for raising cooperative children in today’s family. The basis for my training is knowing why parenting today is so much more challenging than when we ourselves were children, along with the philosophy of Dr. Rudolph Dreikurs and Alfred Adler. The discipline I teach becomes new daily habits for parents who want to help their children hear the inner voice within themselves that will guide them to find their true purpose in life.” – Bill Corbett

Bill Corbett is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), the National Children’s Alliance (NCA), the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP), and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). He is also on the Resource Advisory Committee of Attachment Parenting International (API) and spent 12 years as a parent educator and training director with the International Network for Children and Families. As a professional speaker and writer, he has won numerous awards with Toastmasters International and his syndicated column on discipline and child behavior appears in local family publications in many states across the country.

Bill is the creator and host of the radio talk show “Parent Talk” that ran on ClearChannel’s WLAC 1510 AM out of Nashville, Tennessee, and producer and host of the public access television show, Creating Cooperative Kids. He has developed and presented behavior programs for such companies as Dollar General, Aetna Insurance, Nashville State College and the State of Tennessee. He has 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren, 3 step children and lives with his wife Elizabeth.

The methodology of Bill Corbett’s teaching was inspired by the studies of child psychologists Rudolph Dreikurs and Alfred Adler and is centered on the approach that effective discipline first requires a solid understanding of why children act out the way they do. “Misbehavior is communication,” Dreikurs wrote in his book, “Children The Challenge,” and this communication must be interpreted in order to use discipline effectively. His theory and methods are based on firm AND respectful discipline and walks closely with the teachings in the New Testament.
Bill’s workshops and classes help parents and professionals examine what is in their “Discipline Toolboxes” and evaluate the fact that many of these tools are outdated and no longer work effectively. Raising children in today’s world requires a different approach to discipline and an admission that parents and teachers today need different tools. Bill works closely with parents and professionals to help rebuild the “Discipline Toolbox” and make room for more effective tools and methods that truly work with today’s challenging child.

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