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Technology and Teens

Iphones. Ipods. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. When my father was growing up, phones were still connected by a cord. They only came in one color; black. Now at your fingertips at any one moment you can be connected to family, your computer from home, or your entire musical library. It is amazing what a technological world that we live in. The question that I pose to you is what impact does technology have on your children and family?

Technology on its’ own is not a bad thing. When you’re sick, you now can place a thermometer on your temple and have it digitally read a temperature. When grandma is in China you can Skype with her and have her actually see her grandchildren in real time. Facebook, in times of emergency and crisis can galvanize communities quickly the way it did in Newtown, CT. The problem becomes when technology becomes unchecked. You may have given your daughter a cell phone for emergencies but now you look over she turns the phone away from you and texts someone you don’t know. Perhaps she also has a computer in her room. She’s always been trustworthy but you know that there are people out there that aren’t so trustworthy. With Facebook and Twitter, communication from anyone is only a click away. Once pictures are placed anywhere on the internet you can never truly delete them again. Unfortunately, in this day and age the danger is real. It is up to the adults in charge to safeguard children.

You have given them these things but now you’re not so sure how to begin to draw boundaries. How can you give them responsibility and show them that you trust them when you feel that many of these devices have taken away chances at communication? And what do you do when your child’s friends may come to your house and carry an Iphone? Can you place limits on another parent’s child? You can if it is your home. If you have a question please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What can JMHaines Parent Education offer?

  1. We can provide you with a framework on how to deal with technology in your home so that the family can become the focal point.
  2. We can advise you on how to deal with your child’s friends bringing technology into your home.
  3. The location of certain devices can be a detriment to both sleep and promoting safety.
  4. We will show you how reward systems can help earn your children tech time while teaching responsibility.
"We need to walk into the future, no matter how unnerving, with open eyes if society is to keep pace with technology." ~Lawrence M. Krauss