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Strategies to help today's working families in Northeast CT, MA and RI.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what JMHaines Parent Education can offer you. Many of these come from the Cooperative Kids methodology. If you look down this list and the particular situation that your family is facing is not there, please know that you are not alone. This list is not meant to be an end all or be all but more to give a broad overview of the types of topics that we can assist you with. Your family is unique, as are the individuals that make it up. There are families with grandparents in the home, single parents, and new families created through adoption. While there are common experiences that all families share, each family has their own exclusive situations as well. I invite you to call or email me and let us find a solution.


Sibling Rivalry Creating Successful Play Dates
Potty Training Creating a peaceful Sleep Routine (no videos)
Taking Turns Emotional Intelligence (How do we honor your child’s feelings?)
Oh Those Morning Blues! (Devising a Morning Routine that works)
Technology and Teens (What role does technology play in your home and in your teen’s life?)


Creating Agreements between you and your child (for children and adolescents)
Identifying what you have been using for discipline (and why it might not be working)
Understanding and dealing with Temper Tantrums
Power Struggles
4 mistaken goals that children use to get their needs met.
Why punishment does not work but consequences do
Consequences: Natural (result of behavior speaks to the child) vs. Logical
Teaching Responsibility
4 basic parenting skills we forget and how we can incorporate them
Teaching children to solve their own problems
Picky eaters (trying new foods, why the household kitchen should not be a 24/7 restaurant )
So your teen wants to sleep over their friend’s house, and they have different rules.

"There can be no more keener a revelation of a society's soul than the way it treats its children." ~Nelson Mandela