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What do I do with all those 2013 Christmas cards?

January 20, 2014

By Jared Haines

We all have our pile of Christmas cards. Uncle Richard took a picture of the new car and that was his card. Grandma Shirley sent a picture of her prized roses along with the yearly family portrait. In a lot of ways each of those photos are time capsules and every year they change. Our parents get older and our children grow up. People show who they are many times in their choice of card. After Christmas, at least in my family, these cards have always found their way into a box or tucked away. There is however an alternative.

These cards can be used as artwork. It also is a great way to include everyone in the process of a family creation. It is very easy to do. The first step is choosing which photos/cards you want to use. As a family decide which ones you want to include and begin the process of trimming them. Why would you trim them? If you only received a small amount of cards the trimming might be minimal but shaping the cards or cutting them into shapes can be more of a pleasing aesthetic. For those families that receive dozens of cards, trimming helps create room for those pictures.

You can place your pictures on poster board or in a frame. Some people use tacks, others have done something more permanent with glue. Arrange them in any configuration you want. I have seen some immediate family placed in the middle of a poster board with each outer layer containing cards from people that aren’t quite as close. Be creative! Have fun! Each mix of Christmas photos you create becomes your time capsule and something you can; if you save it, be something you can savor in the coming years.

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